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Liguid Metal Finish Kitchen 9K Pitted Kitchen

Here at Metall-FX, we provide memorable real metal finishing services, often utilising cold liquid metal spray for individual art projects, including sculptures, screens and even stunning pieces of much talked about furniture; as well as a wide range of doors, walls, luxury interiors, and other surfaces and locations.

Our talented team works so closely with many leading architects, brilliant interior designers, and passionate artists - adding our expertise in the provision of bespoke and specialised metal finishes to concepts born and brought to life through their talent.

Metall-FX™ is a unique product, a closely-guarded secret throughout its production and developed in-house by our founder. It allows you the choice of veneer coatings from dozens of pure metals and alloys. You can then select a different texture and colour; crafting a stunning finished product that is unique to your location or project.

Our Finishes

Working with our clients, we have already created many unique and seamless finishes, across all sizes of surfaces, including skins, silver, resin, patina and others - examine them in detail here. The surfaces mentioned below are coated with a solid veneer of cold spray metal. Our talented craftspeople can even prepare the substrates for you in Glass Reinforced Polyester and we offer both CNC and hand carving services.

Our Commitment

Is simple, we work together in a partnership that adds our talents to your imagination and creative skills to turn your ideas and inspirations into stunning and memorable realities. For an obligation-free discussion about metal finishings your project, please call +44 (0) 1488 726888 or contact us here

Metal Wall Finishes

"Our newly installed panels; they look fantastic, you should all be justly proud of what you have achieved. The wedding party have all commented on how great it all looks. Please pass on my thanks to your team for all their hard work and effort, this will be a talking point at the Dorchester for years to come."

Andy Churchill
The Dorchester

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Metal Finishes Ideas  The Dorchester

The Dorchester

"It was a great moment when my creation was finally unveiled and the positive response from the Art Centre staff and general public has made all the worry and hard work worth it."

Mark Amis

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Type of Metal Finishes  Unique Ideas

The Applause

"A solid bronze frieze on this scale would have been outside the budget but with Metall-FX we acheived a result that exceeded our expectations at the right cost"

James Livingstone

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Spartan Warrior  Metal Finishing Design

Trojan Battle Frieze

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